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Wednesday April 21, 1999

There They Go Again...
Two open fire on students,faculty!

By Adam J. Bernay,
Bulldog Newspaper

     FRESNO, CA -- On Tuesday at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, two students opened fire on their fellow students and their faculty, killing and wounding dozens of people and wounding more than twenty others. A terrible tragedy - but not in the way most of the people you'll hear in the media will make it out to be.
     For, you see, some people cannot let the dead rest in peace. Instead, they feel they must manipulate this story as a battlecry for their political agenda. Yes, there they go again...the gun control obsessives. It has been suggested that this calamity was caused by the National Rifle Association.
     Sarah Brady, president of Handgun Control, Inc. went on CNN's Larry King Live and used this incident to broadcast her call for the destruction of the Right to Bear Arms. And yet...and yet...the current gun control laws made posession of firearms by these children already illegal! How do more gun control laws change that?
     That Sarah Brady and her cohorts would use the deaths of these kids to push an agenda that really has nothing to do with their position anymore makes me sick. That is an abuse of the victims, and of their families.
     Can't the Left just let one tragedy go by without distorting it for their own purposes? But perhaps the Right should be glad they don't, in one light - everytime it happens, they are revealed as the vultures they are.


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