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News & Infotainment Media

More than 1,500 Fresno Republican & Fresno State Bulldog Newspaper stories are uploaded to the Web site every day. More than 25,000 stories are kept by its Jumbo Archive service for personalized retrieval by users. And many more stories dating back to 1992 are easily found in ithe Jumbo Archives.

The Fresno Republican & Fresno State Bulldog News provides regularly updated news from world wide sources to more users than any other site on the Web. In addition, The Fresno Daily Republican & Fresno State Bulldog News has 44,000 pages of community, consumer and entertainment content from independent sources--an amount and variety of information few newspaper sites can match.

All of this means The Fresno Daily Republican & Fresno State Bulldog News gives you more of what your audience is looking for every minute of every day.


Because The Fresno Daily Republican & Fresno State Bulldog News has more breadth of content than almost any other news site, our Fresno State business community advertisers have a better opportunity to both target specific users, and reach a broad audience, depending on their needs.

From travel and local entertainment information, to national and international news, to up-to-the minute sports, to stock quotes and business news, Fresno Bulldog News is a rich source for news and information that consumers actually spend time reading.

In addition, The Fresno Daily Republican & Fresno State Bulldog News works in conjunction with each other to design an online media buy that meets your distinct and targeted needs in Fresno and surrounding Central California markets.

Maintaining Our Growth

To make sure that our extraordinary growth continues, The Fresno Daily Republican maintains a fully supported marketing and promotion campaign that includes print ads, online advertising, cross-links with other Web sites, content sponsorships, promotions, sweepstakes and other marketing and promo activities.

Meeting A Prime Audience

The Fresno Daily Republican & Fresno State Bulldog News generate more than 92,000 Web page impressions every month. That means we bring more than 6-million online ads to users with some of the best demographics in the market. Take a look--you will find our users are in an upscale, highly educated and professional audience that is rapidly growing everyday.

The Fresno Daily Republican & Fresno State Bulldog News creates online solutions. By placing Bulldog Nespaper online banner ads in a general rotation, advertisers reach users through the 1.2 million Web pages viewed each month in the combined Daily Republican newspapers. By focusing ads in certain sections of the site, advertisers target specific demographics and psychographics. This means our advertisers can meet their audience in an environment they choose.

Fresno State Bulldog News Ads Online

The Daily Republican went online with its conservative editorial policy in 1992 and is one of the original seven online newspapers in the nation & world. The Fresno State Bulldog News has been an online publication of The Fresno Daily Republican since 1993.

When you advertise on any of The Fresno Daily Republican 25,000 pages, you are not only getting your message out to readers, you’re opening up a direct route to your Fresno State Bulldog News Web ad page. That means more than a million possible routes are established each month. In addition, by creating compelling content and advertorials, The Fresno Daily Republican & Fresno State Bulldog News can make your presence even more powerful.

A Unique Approach

Although the World Wide Web will continue to change, today it already has become an effective marketing and advertising medium that can be seamlessly integrated into any existing campaign. Like any medium, if used properly the Web can provide a more powerful way to brand and sell products and services.

For this reason, The Fresno State Bulldog News seeks to create a customized approach for each of our advertising partners that leverages existing marketing efforts and provides results.

Advertising Opportunities & Pricing

The Fresno State Bulldog News had a key role in creating the Web as a different from other advertising medium. Because of this, we know how to provide more than just an online ad buy. The Bulldog News creates and offers unique advertising and marketing solutions that produce results. These solutions include developing sponsorship packages; developing content that not only enhances the user experience, but helps our sponsors; producing promotional packages that lead to measurable bottom-line sales.

News--The latest news content from the Bulldog Newspaper, and the tools to use that news on a daily basis. Organized into such sections as Front Page, Nation & World, State & Local, Life & Style and Special Reports; Bulldog News combines award-winning journalism and in-depth reporting with up-to-the-minute coverage to provide the immediacy and depth that today’s upscale readers are looking for.

Business--Not just reporting business news as it happens, but providing interactive tools to let users see how that news effects them. The business section includes Wall Street California, the Cutting Edge, Small Business, BusinessWire, stock quotes, Motley Fool and more.

Sports--Football, baseball, basketball, hockey and much more--from high schools to the Hall of Fame--from a uniquely Southern California perspective.

Entertainment--Having access to world-wide breaking news in our WWW backyard means The Fresno State Bulldog News brings you the hottest local stories first. The Entertainment section features the latest news and information about movies, music, television, books, art, dining and nightlife, games, and humor; as well as listings of hundreds of events and local venues and insightful analysis of trends in the entertainment industry.

Classifieds--The Fresno State Bulldog News classified section is the leading University community resource for buying and selling anything from cars to pets. With extensive listing The Fresno State Bulldog News has the main online source for Central California classifieds, real estate, and commercial ventures you need to expand your market area.

Central California--With direct links to over 175 cities, and four local papers providing news and event coverage, the Fresno State Bulldog News has the most complete coverage of any Central California city, community and neighborhood pull-out ad section.


To simply advertise on the World Wide Web is to miss 90% of the Web’s added value advantage. Effective advertising on the Web means taking advertising out of the traditional box, and creating a truly effective, integrated experience through a coordinated marketing campaign that produces results.

To place a message in front of consumers to build awareness or hope they respond at a later time is the essence of traditional advertising.

Notice how The World Wide Web allows advertisers to take what has been accomplished on the brand level, and develop a valuable online relationship with customers that calls them back to your Web site over and over. These relationships can then be leveraged to generate sales in this new market for your business.

The Internet allows advertisers to take advertising to a hogher experience level than ever possible before. No, Web advertising should not replace traditional advertising. It is augmenting it.

To develop this new line of business, you will want to develop content that attracts consumers in whatever online form is best for you, and promote it to accomplish your marketing goals.


Marketing Benefits

The Fresno Buldog News Web based marketing effort combines a Web site with online advertising.

The online advertising is the way to pre-qualify customers and drive traffic to your site. The Web site is the way to brand a product and create a channel for future sales.

What makes this so effective? It allows the marketer, to control and monitor the entire customer process from qualifying customers to closing a sale. Throughout this process, marketers can track what works, and what doesn’t, and be able to adapt to changing market conditions, quickly and inexpensively.

The most valuable benefit to online marketing includes:

Interactivity--The most important aspect of the World Wide Web for marketers and advertisers is the ability tointeract with consumers. No other medium allows for instantaneous and two way communication. Whether it is as simple as providing a direct response mechanism, or collecting data for a series of variable responses, the Internet allows marketers to talk to, and address the concerns of consumers, turning them into customers.

Quantifiable Results--Tracking of Web based activity, The Fresno State Bulldog News monitors your Web site ad banner's traffic continually and automatically. With almost instantaneous information, marketers can measure the success of a given program from start to finish and make adjustments accordingly. Being able to quantify results also means measuring the true effect of marketing dollars. Unlike television, radio or print, advertisers will know exactly how many eyes have viewed and responded to an ad and adjust accordingly.

Web Site Benefits--A well-designed Web site is the cornerstone of any online marketing effort. The Fresno State Bulldog News Web site is what provides consumers with the information they are seeking and enables a company to truly brand your product or service.Some of what a Web site can do includes:

Branding--The well-built Fresno State Bulldog News Web site allows you to truly brand your product. Think of your Fresno State Bulldog Nes Web site as a place where you control every aspect of the environment.With this in mind, a personalized customer experience can be created using specific graphics, text, sounds and even video. With the Fresno State Bulldog News Web as a tool, you wil be savvy marketer who can create a truly branded environment with which to approach and close customers.

Sales Leads--Fresno State Bulldog's News advertisers are not just promoting products on the Web. They are generating and closing transactions. And now with our adverticing methodology you can take customers from shopping to purchasing without ever having to open a door.

Sales Team--In today's global and highly competitive market, your sales team needs a tactical advantage over its competitors. A Freesno State Bulldog News ad Web site can provide just that. Sales presentations and information can be placed on a protected Web site for access anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.

Your sales team can be better equipped to provide sales sheets, product information, even live demonstrations as your clients request them on the spot. And that gives them an advantage in closing a sale.

Customer Service--Imagine a customer contacting your company at any time of the day, throughout the week. Here, customers could have questions answered, receive a detailed product diagram, even bring issues to attention without ever having to take valuable time from a staff member.

By creating a fully interactive customer service area, complete with answers to common questions, product diagrams, even detailed installation instructions, your staff can get back to answering the really important calls.

Inexpensive--Unlike print or television, once your Fresno State Bulldog News ad Web site has been created, changing, updating, and revising its content to meet market trends is easy and inexpensive. It doesn't require the level of production other mediums demand. And, with technology advancing at an increasing pace, Web sites continue to be easier and less expensive to create and maintain.

Online Advertising Benefits

Online advertising is the primary way to drive traffic into your site and to a specific section within your site.

Fresno State Bulldog News online banner advertising can combine brand, tactical, even direct response advertising into an effective medium. Whichever method is employed, advertisers can easily:

a) Monitor exactly how many eyes have seen the message.

b) Target the type of customer they want to approach.

c) Pre-qualify customers before they visit.

Advertising benefits include:

Targeted--Fresno State Bulldog News advertisers have the ability to control when, where and by whom their ads are seen, with greater precision than with any other medium. They have the ability to target specific users based on pages, demographics even psychographics. This means advertisers can approach a specific audience in an environment they choose, for the best results.

Measurable--Every time a Fresnoi State Bulldog News ad banner ad is "served" to a user’s computer, it is counted. Each count is monitored and reported, so advertisers know exactly how many consumers have seen their ad. Television, radio, even print cannot offer this level of tracking.

In addition, every time an ad is "clicked" on, sending the user to the advertiser's Web site, that "click" is counted, providing a consistent measure of advertising success.

Actionable--Fresno State Bulldog News online advertising combines the best possible scenario to generate responses. With an on-site banner, users can be sent to an advertiser's Web site, with just the click of a button. No dialing a phone, no completing a BRC, just a tap of a mouse button, and one pre-qualified customer is delivered.

Flexible--Imagine knowing how many people actually saw a television commercial, and how many actually responded to it. With this information, an advertiser could revise the commercial to ensure it induced the best reaction from the audience. With online advertising, marketers can continually test and change their advertising to ensure they maintain the best response rate possible.

Fresno State Bulldog Web Users:

Number of Months/Years Using Internet
Less than 6 months--23.6%
Less than 1 year--43.1%
1--3 years-- 34.9%
over 3 years--22.0%

Frequency of Accessing the Web During A Typical Week
Less than once a day--18.5%
1--4 times a day--43.6%
4 or more times a day--37.9%

Time Spent on The Web During A Typical Week
0--4 hours--44.7%
4--6 hours--19.3%
7--or more hours--36.0%
10--20 hours--27.8%

Primary Place of WWW Access

Hours Per Week of "Personal" Computing
1--10 hours a week--58.5%
11--30 hours per week--32.4%

Hours Per Week of "Work" Computing
Less than 5 hours--25.1%
Over 41 hours--18.5%

Hours Per Week of "Fun" Computing
Less than 5 hours--42%
6--10 hours-- 27.6%
11--50 hours--28.9%

Frequency of Economic Information Use
Never use the web--38.0%
Use the Web a few times--24.8%

Frequency of Electronic News Use
21.8% report accessing electronic news on a daily basis.
22.1% access it on a weekly basis.
13.9% of respondents have never accessed electronic news.

Research Information
25.5% of respondents report using research information "a few times".

How Often Users Print/Save Documents
Few times a week--41.1%
More frequently--23.9%
Less frequently--35.0%

Frequency of Product Information Use
7.6% have never accessed product information on the Web.
30.1% access it on a weekly basis.
26.3% on a monthly basis.

Frequency of Reference Information Use
17.5% of respondents reported using reference information on a daily basis.
33.8% use it on a weekly basis.
3.3% have never accessed reference information on the Web.

Frequency of Online Shopping
46.4% have never used the Web for online shopping.
33.5% have used it a few times.

Frequency of Newsgroup Use
47.8 % reported that they have never or only accessed newsgroups a few times.
14.0 % report accessing newsgroups several times a week.

Problems Using the Web
Speed 80.9 %
Organizing retrieved information 33.6 %
Finding information 32.4 %
Getting lost in hypertext 5.4 %
Cost 9.2 %.

How Users Find Out About Pages
90.7% from other Web pages.
83.1% Search engines.
64.7% Print magazines.
58.5% Friends.
44.4% Usenet.
39.3% Newspapers

Demographics: The Daily Republican & Fresno State Bulldog News key demographics.
Age: 2 %
8 %
4 %
Under 18
65 or over
Geographic Location: 49% California
38% Other USA
13% International
Income: 53% HHI $50,000+
Male/Female: 74% Male / 26% Female
Occupation: 53% Executives/Professionals
Married: 58% Married
Number of Children: 47% have no children
53% have children
39% have 2+ children

Sponsorships/Exclusive Advertising
The Fresno Republican & Fresno State Bulldog News have created specific advertising opportunities that include sponsorship of specific sections and even exclusive sponsorships of the entire site. This means our advertisers can run their ads in a non-competitive environment. All space is sold according to availability. Exclusive sponsorships, content creation, custom surveys and special applications may incur additional costs. Please consult with our sales team to see what we have done for our advertising partners in the past, and what we can do for you.

Special Programs for Special Advertising Needs
The Bulldog Newspaper understands Web marketing. Whether you want to drive traffic to your Web site through banner ads, develop an online promotion for a specific product or service, or enhance your current branding efforts by sponsoring specific site content, we can help.

Advertising With Advertisers in Mind
The Bulldog Newspaper has created sponsorship and partnership opportunities in addition to normal banner buys. We also offer our advertisers enormous flexibility when developing advertising programs. This means we can offer our advertisers the ability to target the general site audience, specific content, even individual pages. Each plan has its own competitively priced CPM.

Special Discounts:

Every month, The Bulldog Newspaper will make five test packages available to select advertisers. Each package will contain 100,000 ROS impressions at an extremely low cost-per-thousand of $20, or 100,000 targeted impressions at a $25 cpm.

This means you can have 100,000 impressions to test Internet advertising on The Bulldog Newspaper, one of the leading online news sites, for just $2,000.

GLOSSARY Bandwidth - The communicating power of a connection. A common phone line can only handle a limited bandwidth.
Banner - An ad on a Web site, generally linked to the advertiser's own Web site. Banner ads are the most common way to advertise on the World Wide Web.
Bookmark - An index entry to add a Web page to a user's personal directory, so that it can be accessed easily again.
Browser (or Web browser) - The software used to gain access to the content of the World Wide Web. The two most popular browsers are currently Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Click rate - The percentage of visitors who click on advertising banners at a specific Web site or page.
Click-throughs - The number of visitors who click on a specific advertising banner on a specific Web site or page.
CPA - Advertising cost of preparation for a single rotation banner display ad impression to be dispayed in rotation in a predetermined combination of Web site publications for advertising on specific Web pages.
CPM - The Cost per thousand for page impressions or page views charged by a Web site for advertising on specific pages.
Domain name - The part of an Internet address (URL) which designates a particular Web site.
Download - Moving information from one computer to another through a network connection. Web pages are downloaded into viewer's computers through modems.
Hits - An imprecise term, referring to the number of files sent to a viewer's computer. Not valuable as a measurement tool for Web site traffic, because each Web page has an indefinite number of files associated with it.
Home Page - The initial page in a Web site.
HTML - Short for HyperText Markup Language, a collection of styles and tags which determine how elements of a Web page will appear when viewed with a browser.
Hypertext - Any text on a Web page can be linked to another Web page anywhere in the world, so that clicking on the text jumps the reader to it.
Intranet - An in-house version of the World Wide Web, in which a company uses Web browsing software for internal communications.
Java - A programming language which sends "applets" (compact application programs) to viewers' PCs over the Web, to enable special effects to take place on Web pages.
Link (or hot link) - A link is a hypertext entry which gives the viewer one-click access to other Web pages. Links are often reciprocal, by courtesy or by contract.
Modem - Short for modulator/demodulator. An essential item of computer hardware which enables data to flow from a computer to the Internet.
Page impressions or page views - The number of Web pages (or Web pages with a specific banner ad) actually seen by a Web audience.
Plug-in - The ability of today's Web browsers to perform additional functions (such as sound and animation) is accomplished by software enhancements called plug-ins.
Search engine - Automated catalogs of Web sites used to find sites with a specific topic or content. Many search engines employ "robots" to find, analyze and catalog new Web sites continually. Search engines are among the most frequently visited of all Web sites.
Shopping cart - Many catalog or direct-sale Web sites employ a shopping cart feature which lets shoppers "collect" items from different parts of a Web site, and pay for them all at one time.
URL - A full Internet address, specifying the location of files or pages. A URL includes the type of resource being accessed, as well as the domain name and specific file location.
Usenet and Newsgroups - The Usenet system lets large groups of people correspond by posting messages on bulletin boards called "Newsgroups."
Web page - Each Web page is an individual document formatted in HTML. Web pages may contain text, graphics, sounds, animations, Java applets or other content.
Web TV - A device which allows the Web to be accessed directly to your TV set, eliminating the need for a personal computer.

Run of Site: Ads run in a general rotation, reaching the vast Bulldog Newspaper audience.
--Multi-media visibility
--Trackable by online impressions and click-throughs
--Inclusion in Fresno State Bulldog News' Book of Links
100,000 - 200,000
300,000 - 400,000
500,000 - 700,000
800,000 - 1,200,000
$ 2,500 - $ 5,000
$ 6,000 - $ 8,000
$ 8,500 - $12,250
$13,000 - $18,500
Ads rotate in specific areas reaching a targeted audience.
Monthly Target Areas
Destination Fresno
 (Movies, Lecture, Concerts, Shopping, Churches, Schools, Recreation, National Parks, more)
Web Site Impressions *
* The cost for premium placements is an additional $5.00 per thousand online user visits.
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