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Friday April 23, 1999

Foolish Excuses
Adolph Hitler was wrong!

By Andrew Ping,
Bulldog Newspaper

     FRESNO, CA -- It is no wonder that our allies don't respect us and our enemies don't fear us. NATO has denied in a recent bombing of one of Milosevic's houses that it was an attempt to kill him. Perhaps the U.S. should have stood up and said, "Yes it was, and we'll try until we succeed."
     The last time the international community faced such a large-scale display of inhumanity and mindless racial hatred 50 years ago, we did not apologize or explain bombing Berlin. We didn't say we were just aiming for Hitler's "military infrastructure," but were quite happy, along with all the Allies, to go for the leader himself. Adolph Hitler was wrong, and had to be stopped.
      Now we're at war again, whether or not we've declared it. Bombs are dropping, people are dying and our forces are over seas fighting. Soon, ground troops may be called upon to die. Why do we need to hide the fact that bombs are aimed at Milosevic? Shouldn't they be? After hearing of the horrors of "ethnic cleansing" and the vile use of systematic rape by Serbian forces against ethnic Albanians, can there be any doubt that Milosevic is as worthy a target as Hitler was, or do we have to wait for him to build concentration camps?
     Yet, having taken us to war, Clinton doesn't have the strength to end it. He's just reacting to the situation, and has no real plan. He does what NATO says, making the U.S. an obedient bulldog. So, our Allies see us as a source of money, men and weapons. Our enemies see us as high-tech wimps, capable of inflicting crippling damage, but not really going all the way. Milosevic feels safe. After all, Saddam Hussein is doing just fine these days, though he's lost a few anti-aircraft sites. No personal danger means no fear.
     I also have the impression that Clinton hasn't the strength to lead in this situation. He didn't have the strength to serve in the Armed Forces when he should have (i.e., he's a draft-dodger), and there's no reason our military forces should respect him. His primary experience is with fund-raising and lying, so we really can't trust him to plan a reasonable course of action for ending this situation.
     I have a solution to it. Bill Clinton and all the other politicians in Congress who have shirked duty to their country should form up the first wave of our ground invasion. After the Serbs graciously eliminate the real threat to our country (i.e., lousy politicians), our real military can get to the real reason that troops are over there in the first place: to stop another madman bent on eradicating and violating an entire race of people.


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