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Updated March 16, 1999


By The Bulldog Newspaper Foundation Staff

Visit Funding Sources

FRESNO CAMPUS - This online Grant Guide is designed for grant writers at all levels who wish to improve their skills. Take this opportunity to draft a sample proposal for submission to a funding source you have identified.

It will be helpful if you talk to other students and faculty members about your grant idea and get guidelines from likely funding sources.

Use this Guide to assist you -

  1. To help you actually draft a proposal to submit to a funding source you have already identified.
  2. To help develop a "base proposal" that describes your organization and proposed project. The base proposal can then be adapted and submitted to multiple funders.
  3. To encourage and assist others in your organization to participate in writing a grant.
  4. To provide a "Grant Writing Guide" you can download and keep for future use.


Grant Guide Overview
Technical information:

  • Guidance for individuals and collaborative teams on getting the most from the course: Small, medium and large proposals.
  • How to use the listservs
What is a grant proposal? How is a grant proposal like a good novel?
The anatomy of a grant proposal: The major parts of a proposal and how they work together.
Identifying funding sources and finding a good match (Foundations, state and federal government)
How to Read Grant Guidelines Like Your Project Depended On It
Developing Your Project
  • The Needs Statement:
    • Who will your project serve?
    • What problems will the project address?
    • How will you document these problems or needs?
  • Who are you?
    • What is your organization's identity, purpose and niche?
    • What makes your organization credible and valuable to your community?
    • What are its accomplishment to date, related to the project you are seeking to fund?

ASSIGNMENT: Draft the needs statement and organizational description based on the above questions AND grant guidelines you may have.


Review and Critique of needs statement and organizational descriptions by Grant Writing Students.
Setting a Work Schedule for Producing Your Proposal
Designing the Project
What are the outcomes you want the project to achieve?
Can your organization do the project you propose or is help needed?
Is it the right project for you?
The Project Goals
The Project Objectives

ASSIGNMENT: Draft outcomes, goals and objectives.


Review and critique of outcomes, goals and objectives.
Project Activities:
What will you do to carry out the objectives?
What strategies have you chosen?
Why have you chosen these strategies?

  • In what way are these strategies innovative?
  • What makes you think they will work?
Project Timeline

ASSIGNMENT: Draft project activities, rationale for strategies and timeline


Review and critique of project activities, rationale for strategies and timeline
Developing the evaluation plan: How will you know what your project has accomplished?
Elements of an evaluation plan:

  • Data to be collected
  • Evaluation measures
  • Evaluation strategies
  • Who will carry out evaluation activities?
  • How will evaluation results be used?
Outside evaluators: When do you need them? How much will it cost?
Letters of Commitment and Support
Dissemination and Continuation Strategies

Now, draft evaluation plan in relation to each project objective using matrix provided. List who will be asked to provide Letters. Outline dissemination and continuation strategies.

Review and critique evaluation, list of Letter Providers, Dissemination and Continuation Strategies
Budgeting Your Project
Review of budget language: Cash, in-kind, match, direct and indirect costs, indirect rate, subcontracts
Who will do the work in your project?
What resources do you need to accomplish your project?
What resources do you have?
Descriptions of key personnel
How to Prepare Your Proposal: Formatting, Supplementary Material and More

ASSIGNMENT: Draft Budget, Complete First Draft of Proposal


Critique and Review of Budget and First Draft
Consider advice from students and faculty
How to get grants to continue a grant-funded project?

Finally, revise and compile your Proposal and mail it!


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