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Thursday May 13, 1999

Theft of Public Funds?
Davis & Flores hit on $4 billion "budget surplus."
By Adam J. Bernay, Commentator

     FRESNO CAMPUS - Governor Grey Davis(D) and Assemblyman Dean Flores (D-Kern County) have decided to steal from the California taxpayers in order to pay for "anti-school violence measures."
     This year has been an interesting one for the California budget and treasury. Way back in January, it was estimated that there would be no budget surplus. Now, miraculously, Democrats are estimating that there is a $4 billion budget surplus. How convenient.    A final amount on the so-called State surplus will be announced soon, but no matter how large or small this surplus is, the social(ist) utopians are planning to spend it.
     Now, despite the fact that it occured before I was born, I know what happened when Governor Ronald Reagan turned the state's finances around and made a budget surplus when before there was a budget deficit: he sent the money back to the people, not in the form of new projects or new laws, but by giving them tax refunds! Amazing concept, isn't it? Well, it was based on the idea that if there's a budget surplus, We The People have been taxed too much.
     But our new governor doesn't see it that way. Davis wants to use the budget surplus, which undeniably should be returned to the people, to provide for school counseling, metal detectors at school entrances, and other fun little projects.
     And his cohorts in the Democratic caucus in the legislature don't see it that way either. Assemblyman Flores wants to use the surplus, which these thieves have decided not to return to the people they fleeced it from in the first place, wants to - get this - use some of the surplus to pay for an "armed intruder drill" to take place at least once a year in every school in California...and here I thought the days of "duck and cover" drills were long gone.


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