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Udated 0330 February 13, 2000

Bulldog Newspaper editors welcome comments and e-mail from our readers. If you would like to have your name included in future publicatins, include permission in your Bulldog E-Mail.

The Editors have received tens of thousands of e-mail responses to the Bulldog news, feature stories, and opinion published in the past weeks. A small representative sample of Bulldog Newspaper e-mail follows. Note that text spellings and formatting are published here as received and edited only for length:

  • Editor:Re Pell Grants and Drug Use Penalty. Great newsletter! I was glad to stumble upon it. Amy WIlliam's article was thought provoking, though I of course, felt pretty bothered by the news.
    I have been reading the Federal Register , and am about elbows-deep into a proposal to IL State Board of Ed.
    It angers me that financial limitations such as these would be put to a young kid, just starting out in college. A higher institution of learning can not be the place to prescribe 'symptomatic' treatment to was in in the end, a societal malady. The problem lies, in fact, with legislative policy that ignores the larger picture. They just proposed a budget spending more on education, though at the grassroots level, it is not, needless to say, a matter of pure finance.
    I am eager to become more involved with public policy, most especially in regards to youths and education. I am anxious to see if the legislation concerning workforce investment (WIA 98) will in fact be able to aid the success of youth. I have my doubts.
    The information put out by this newsletter is just what my colleagues and I need to see more often. Keep it up! - Leslie da Mota, Chicago


  • Editor:Re Bulldog editorials. It does my heart good to see that even in the halls of Academia, that we still have thinking, moral people. Keep up the good work!-Rebecca Potts

  • Editor:Bulldog,It is my opinion that the Arkansas sleezebag and his hag have done more to sully the presidency, therefore the nation, and ultimately the U.S. in the eyes of the world than any person to ever occupy that office. In my opinion, the biggest lie he ever told is that "The era of big government is over" Perhaps what he meant is "The era of big brother has begun! Thanks for the article. -Jerry Murphy

  • Editor: Re PC Speech. I recently read an article in a business journal about the efforts of a company to regain it's market share using the newest Internet technology. I remember this article because it had something in it I hadn't seen in a long time. The article referred to the company's top guy as the "chairman." "Chairman" I thought. How refreshing to see that word again after such a long time. Today every major journal, book, or other publication uses the word "Chairperson" or simply "Chair." It is just part of the on-going campaign to erase the word "man" from the English vocabulary. Every word that used to contain "man" or "men" has been changed to something more acceptable to our cultural elite. “Policeman” is now “Police Officer”, “Fireman” is now “Fire Fighter”, “Mail man” is now “Postal Worker”, etc. etc. You see, the establishment feels that if they can change the language we use, they can change the way we think. And that, of course, is the goal - to change the way you and I think. All major publications have joined in the effort. An article in Scientific American I read last week refers to a new medicine's benefit to "humankind." You see, the word "mankind" can't be used because it contains the word "man." Interestingly, though, it may be more difficult for our language police to erase the word "mankind" than other words they have targeted. This is because Neil Armstrong (inadvertently, I'm sure) cemented the word "mankind" into history with the phrase "One small step for Mankind." It will be hard for the establishment to erase that phrase from the history books (although I'm sure they will give it their best).
    The effort to erase the word "man" has been largely successful in most areas of this society. People are like cattle and they will stampede in whatever direction they think the herd is running. Today, the only place you will find the word "man" in the vocabulary is, perhaps, at the Selective Service department - where only "men" are slated to be drafted and sent into war. Or you might find it within the hundreds of "affirmative action" programs that government and industry have designed to specifically discriminate against men in school admissions, hiring, promotions, etc. Why have the efforts to erase the word "man" been so successful in our country? Because American men are pansies. While other groups fight for rights and try to increase their power in our society, American men are taught from an early age that they don't have a right to do the same (unless, of course, they are a man "of color"). We have accepted the establishment's judgment on this and have learned to live with it (and we like it, don’t we!). Until we wake up and stop being such suckers, the establishment will continue to succeed in their efforts. - Jeff Burhans


  • Editor: Re Ford Motor Co. Chaged in Nazi Slave Labor case. Thanks for reporting on what went on during WW-II with Ford Werke AG in Germany. Many people don't know about that. I personally had not heard about this untill I read your article. It mad me think about what happened to my father and grandfather during WW-II.
    The day after Christmas 1944 they where captured and deported to Germany for forced labor in the factories of DEMAG AG in Benrath by Dusseldorf. He did not return untill after the liberation which was fortunately around June of 1945.
    My father passed away when I was 8 yrs old and he never - that I knew - talked about it to any family members.
    There is actually a family member left who was deported at the same time. I talked to him and discoverred that he also was deported at the same time.
    According to him several people froze to dead when they had to sleep outside in subzero temperatures. Also no food or medication was provided untill they started work in the german warmachine.
    My father, grandfather and uncle where put to work fabricating parts for the "panzer" tank and the 8.8 cm flack guns.
    They also where forced to work on clean-ups after the British and US bombers bombed downtown Dusseldorf.
    I still have his "Ausweis" , ID card that was issued by the company DEMAG. As far as my uncle told me it was brutal forced labor and the conditions where unhuman.
    I heard on CNN last week that a New York lawayer has filed suit against some of these companies and I am jopining this class action suit on behalf of my grandfather and my father.
    I hope justice will prevail and that finally restitution will be provided for the slave labor and the in human conditions they had to work in.
    I have been a Chevy person all my life, now I know why.
    I think it is discusting to find out that Ford executives had that a close and friendly relationship with this NAZI. Hope Ford will realize that they are also responsible for what the ford family really stood for.
    Again thanks for reporting on this issue. -Will Mooren


  • Editor: Re Justice Lewis Powell passing. Last week retired Supreme Court justice Louis Powel died of pneumonia at the age of 90. I will always remember justice Powel as the swing vote on the court that was responsible for one of the greatest injustices in the history of this country. Since the civil rights laws were passed in 1964 establishing the right of all people to equal justice under the law, there had been those who attempted to use these laws as a cover for inflicting racism and discrimination against white males.
    Quietly, programs and policies began to sprout up all over the country giving preferences of one kind or another to women and minorities. Even though such policies flew in the face of the civil rights laws, they were allowed to continue.
    What judge Louis Powel and the Supreme Court did in 1978 (through the Bakke decision and later through the Webber decision) was to give legal sanction to these racist policies. The Supreme Court basically established two classes of individuals in this country, women and minorities who are accorded unconditional protection from discrimination in all facets of society, and white males who are denied such rights.
    Today discrimination against white males is rampant throughout our society. From school admissions, to scholarship awards, to business recruiting policies, to job promotions white males are routinely discriminated against. We have grown so accustomed to this that it is hard to imagine our country without affirmative action.
    In interviews taken since the 1978 rulings, justice Powel expressed surprise that these affirmative action decisions caused so little uproar among American white males. I suppose he felt we accepted them because we knew we were guilty and deserving of punishment. It is time that this complacency end. Americans of all classes who believe in true justice should stand up and demand that discrimination be ended once and for all.
    Through the political process, through political protest, and through organizations such as the American Civil Rights Coalition based in Sacramento, we must stand up together and demand an end to this legacy of "justice" Louis Powel. -Jeff Burhans, Sacramento


  • Editor: Re Freedom of the Press. My advice to the young Berkley student reporter is - your civil rights were seriously violated. I would highly recomend that you obtain immediate legal counseland bring forth a civil rights lawsuit against the secret sevice agents that searched your apartment pursuant to the Civil Rights Act 42 USC 1983, see "Watts V. United States 394 U.S. 705" freedom of speech and the commands of the First Amendment, and "Bivins V. Six Unknown Federal Narcotics Agents 403 U.S. 388" Right to bring forth federal civil rights suit against Federal Agents.
    I would also seek a permanent injuction against all federal law enforcement agents from contacting you by any means,and to stay no less than 100 yards away from you when investigationing any issue of the press, I would also advise you to bring forth a separete State lawsuit against the university for invasion of privacy pursuant to Article 1Section 1 of the California Constitution for giving the Secret Service your address without proper legal authority.
    In conclusion, while unfourtunate, it seems that hardcore and very expensive lawsuits that drive law enforcement agents into personal bankrupcy may be the only way to control an obviously out of control Federal Law Enforcement Network (ATF, FBI, and now to be included SECRET SERVICE). -Ronald Payne


  • Editor: Re Fresno State vs. Memphis. I am a University of Memphis Alumnist, and wanted to make a comment on how ridiculous the refs handled the Fowlkes shot. After watching the replay only once, it was blatently obvious the shot was not released before the clock hit 0's.I understand you nor myself can do anything about it now, but the officials should have stayed on the court to review the game monitor.Even Tark should have taken accountability on his teams behalf and told the officials it wasn't a fair call, and to let the game be decided fairly in overtime.Hopefully, those officials will be fired so they can not screw another team(these same officials could ref a Fresno State game and devastate your city). Thanks for listening to the bitch session. Wish you guys luck against Hawaii. -Edward Owens

  • Editor: Re 'affirmative actiion' Prop 209. A scientific review of all contracts and labor compliance reports in California state and county construction projects will clarify the fact that black men have not significantly benefited from either contract awards nor employment under such contracts. They have been systematically removed from employment opportunities paid for with their tax dollars.
    Black women have suffered a greater degree of race and gender discrimination and sexual harassment and have least benefited from any so called Affirmative Action programs. Such programs have tended to be a smokescreen for the "face" of equal opportunity, rather than actual facilitation of the employment of and contracting with those who have historically faced the obvious race/color/ethnic difference from the predominant society.
    Proposition 209 will merely facilitate those who have discriminated, and continue to discriminate, by enabling and empowering those who already control the majority of economic power to take the whole pie. Proposition 209 purports to eliminate preferences. Hah! Nepotism, Favoritism, and Cronyism have not been outlawed in the workplace. Significantly, it has not bee outlawed in the tax-supported workplace. This includes government offices, and business which thrive with government contracts.
    Hypocrisy, Hypocrisy, Thou Art King.-Lita Pezant, San Bernardino, CA

  • Editor: Re Ronald W. Reagan Library. I am a German graduate student of Berlins Freie Universität and work on my master’s thesis about Ronald Reagan's visit in Bitburg , Germany, in 1985. I would like to know if the Reagan library contains any files or datas which are related to that event. I am looking for non-edited White House documents , notices of the presidents, drafts or any other papaers that could help me creating an objective picture of the things that happend during November 1984 and May 1985. I do have access to the published Memoirs of Ronald Reagan, Nancy Reagan, George Shultz, Donald Regan and Michael Deaver. -Best wishes from Berlin Germany. -Jan Kallmorgen

  • Editor: Re City Hall story. Congratulations for your fine paper! You consistently grasp issues the rest of the media misses. Your analysis of the stadium issues is outstanding. Thank you!-Repoman

  • Editor: Re City Hall story. I have been reading your publication for only a couple of weeks. I is the only way I can get a clear picture of what is going on in Fresno and the world. Keep up the good work. God bless you. -name witheld

  • Editor: Re DR Newspaper Editorial Policy. I know of other people who would be interested in your view of the news compared with the Fresno Bee. Is it possible to have the Fresno Daily Republican sento to them? -W.Hughes

  • Editor: Re Robert Bork editorial. Looking at the paper for the first time--very nice!--I coudln't find the Robert Bork editorial. Do you have an archive? Good work! -Guy Story Brown, Dallas

  • Editor: Re BLM mustangs story. I have adopted 2 mustangs from the Blm. One from Missouri (Milwakee BLM) November 1995, one from Kansas (Oklahoma BLM) October 1996. Both times I had my shelter and pen inspected by a local Veternarian. Before 90 days after we adopted each of the horses, a BLM official came to my farm to inspect. I received the title for the horses a year after I adopted each. I have since bought a third Mustang from an owner that furnished me with the title. These three horses are the finest horses I have ever had. They were not hard to gentle or train. All it takes is patients and gentle care.
    Milwakee BLM even furnished me with a map to show the location where my mustang was caught, information on what the horses eat in that area and the probalility of how the horse got there( stock it probably came from) ie.lost army horses from long ago.
    ink the BLM that services the Kansas area are doing a good job. Maybe with all the computers around today the BLM can keep better records. I don't tend to argue this, I just wanted to say a good word for the BLM, they have been very helpful to me. Your article is very informative. -Rick Mellott

  • Editor: Re Durnil's new book. Gordon Durnil's book opens a Pandora's box in postulating that America may be beyond reform. It is my belief that as ordinary citizens we are at this point in time left with but two choices: We can prepare ourselves to exist and survive in an absolute socialist system. Or, we can assume all the risk inherent in the calling of a Constitutional Convention and proceed to rewrite the document in language not susceptible to distortions by a runaway judiciary.-R.W. Roland

  • Editor: Re Clinton-Gore Campaign hearings. Now it is absolutely clear that Clinton conceived, organized, and led a criminal conspiracy to violate campaign laws and other federal statues.
    The GOP should be forthright in so stating. The RNC's refusal in 1995-6 to answer the Clinton/DNC/AFL-CIO ad campaign was a terrible policy blunder.
    The GOP should begin a nationwide AD blitz now to acquaint the American people with the extent and depth of Clinton and Company's political corruption and his stealing of the 1996 Election.
    For God sake don't repeat the 1995-6 blunder again and lose the Congress, too, next year! -Robert E. Butler

  • Editor: Re 'Clinton Go Home!' Protest in Bazil. Now, why didn't I see that on the TV evening news? Thank you. - R.P. [Bob] Wheeler

  • Editor: Re review of Gordon Durnil's book "Is America Beyond Reform?" Next month I will be 78 years of age. First generation born in this country. High School graduate during the depression. World War II service and retired from the U.S. Navy after 22 years service. I have never been so depressed about the direction of this country. -JOHN LEONE

  • Editor: Re White House Tapes. Your article is appreciated. Has anyone checked to see if a large number of video machines are being delivered to the White House to "review (edit)" those tapes before release. Particularly telling is that the follow-up to the first release of videos coincided with the release of a weak "Reagan did it too" excuse. Again, thanks for your article. -R Schoel


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