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Monday February 21, 2000

It's McCain at Claremont!

By Amy Williams, Assoc. Editor

CLAREMONT, Calif. -- All over the nation politically moderates and independents, are flocking to support Republican Party presidential candidate Sen. John McCain(R). He's made no secret of his desire to ban the late term abortion procedure. What's more, McCain want tougher drug laws. He will make increased defense spending a top priority of his administration.
     These planks in Sen. McCain's pleatform are clearly issues which college students regard as highly important. But, the surprise is that so many university students are supporting McCain's program.
     One campus Sopomore at Claremont McKenna College in Southern California has an explanation. Mr. Pedersen maintains that university students are really not as single issue oriented as people thinks they are today. And Pederson told reporters this week he backs abortion rights, and strong military preparedness.
     If Pederson is correct, Sen. McCain will benefit from millions of campus votes. "McCain's talking and students like what they hear. Big money has to go," Pedersen says. " The abortion, pro-choice issue has a lot of people in the middle...a lot more than are recognized."
     Claremont students were so excited about Sen. McCain presidential campaing that they volunteered to work form him in New Hampshire last month, in the Claremont Washington program. Pederson said he was one of them an got to work with the National Public Radio part of the public information service.
     A Claremont third year student, Rosemary Yu, got to work directly in Sen. McCain's campaign headquarters. She said she was inpressed by McCain's promise to students,"... never to lie as president." She counted that promise as more important than his stand on controversial issues like abortion rights.
     Ms Yu told reporters, "I don't know where he is on all the issues, but I was drawn to him because of the fact that he was really frank about everything."
     Amber Taylor, in her second year at Claremont, worked in New Hampshire for Gov. George W. Bush of Texas, who ultimately lost the Granite State's primary to Mr. McCain by 19 percentage points. "There was a sense of entitlement in his campaign office," she said of Mr. Bush. "The young people did not seem very excited. The most excited people were 30-year-old lawyers."
     Dan O'Neill a second year Claremont man said, "When students hear McCain speak, you get the sense that you could actually be proud of him." Mr. O'Neill worked inside C-Span's coverager of the McCain campaign. "Everybody said the Clinton scandals chips away at a sense of national character. McCain's been able to hit that nerve, and so he's doing well."

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