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September 10, 2001
Is Electronic Government
Watching You!
Amy Williams, Staff Writer

    FRESNO STATE -- This is a question I have been pondering myself. I believe it is because they fear my knowledge of everything LAME.
     If you want to ask me a lame question, I'll probably know the answer. For instance, if you were to ask me who the little guy from "Fantasy Island" was, I would tell you "Herve Villechaize".
     See what I mean. How many people know that guys name, and how to spell it. This is why the government fears me.
     They know that my useless information could be used against enemies of the United States. They could send me into a hostile country and have me tell them boring facts until they were bored to death. I believe that this and this alone is the cause of all my grief. If only I hadn't told you this!
    The concept of electronic government is to provide services and information to citizens electronically, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As the demand for electronic services increases, governments are challenged to provide these services to citizens. The Bulldog News lists a few resources, including local e-governments web sites of interest.
    A municipal web site should promote democracy, encourage economic activity and enhance service delivery to citizens.
     In addition to local government links and oter resources rederrs have referrd us to. If you would like to have your local governent .s link listed here just send the link to

- E-Government Jump Station -

Powerpoint Presentations and Documents
Full-text news and journal articles
Local Links: Transactions
Local Links: Citizen Input and Interactive Forms
Local Links: Audio and Video
Local Links: Citizen Forums and Bulletin Boards
E-Government Companies
Additional Organizations and Resources

- Presentations -

Arlington County, VA E-Government Master Plan.

City of Colorado Springs, Colorado eGovernment in Colorado Springs: A Strategic Plan for Building an eGovernment Program.

City Hall Without Walls: A Resource Kit on Electronic Government. This kit is designed for local elected officials and provides background information on electronic government, a checklist for working with e-government partners, and a list of resources.

Download the presentation "Why E-Government?" delivered by Virginia Beach CIO David Sullivan at E-City at the 2000 NLC Congress of Cities, December 7 and 8, 2000 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Download the presentation "E-Government Risks" delivered by Tucson I.T. Director Todd Sander at the 2000 NLC Congress of Cities, December 8, 2000 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Gail Roper, Information Technology Director for Kansas City, Missouri presented"To Dot Com or Not Dot Com" at E-City at the 2000 NLC Congress of Cities. You can download this presentation from the Kansas City website.

View the Powerpoint slide presentation Transactions on the Web delivered at the ICMA 86th Annual Conference.

Download the Powerpoint slide presentation "Boston E-Government and Kiosks" by Boston Deputy CIO Jennifer Latchford.

View the Powerpoint slide presentation "Electronic Government has Arrived!" delivered by PTI President Costis Toregas at the NLC 1999 Congress of Cities.

View the Powerpoint slide presentation "Governance on 'Net Time" delivered by PTI President Costis Toregas at the PTI Web Forum 2000.

View the Powerpoint slide presentation "E-Government in Fairfax County" delivered by Fairfax County, VA CIO Dave Molchany at the PTI Web Forum 2000.

The City of Phoenix, Arizona releases their E-Commerce Strategy.

The City of Tampa, Florida presentation to council on their Internet Strategy.

The Final E-government Strategy Report prepared for the City of Los Angeles is available on the city's web site.

E-Government: Serving the Public Through Technology prepared by the Miami-Dade County, Florida E-Government Working Group is available from the Miami-Dade web site.

Read the results of the survey of E-Government in Counties sponsored by NACo and PTI.

- News Press Releases -

Regularly updated full-text news and journal articles and press releases citing developments in the electronic government marketplace. This includes highlights of local government efforts, and company and market information.

- Transactions -

Springfield, Missouri
Parking Violation Payment System

Boston, Massachusetts
Excise Tax Online Payment System
Parking tickets online

Fairfax County, Virginia
Tax payments over the Internet
I.T. plan and E-Government initiatives strategy

New York, New York
Department of Finance
Parking ticket payments over the Internet

Santa Monica, California
Business license tax application

San Diego County, California
Office of the Treasurer and Tax Collector - Paying tax bills via the Internet

San Francisco, California Business tax filing.

Arlington County, Virginia
E-Government Portal

San Carlos, California
Permit system

Gwinnett County, Georgia
Tax payments over the web

Seattle, Washington
Parking ticket payment

Sunnyvale, California
On-line building permit and payment system

San Francisco, California
Business tax registration

Durham, North Carolina
Water, sewer and stormwater bill payment

Lenexa, Kansas
E-Gov page which allows for filing of licenses, paying tickets

San Jose', California
Permits Online page for filing permits (2000 Best of Web Award Winner)

- Speak Up Citizen! -

Madison, Wisconsin
Property information
Who are my elected officials?
Where do I vote?
Lobbying information
Campaign finance information

Phoenix, Arizona
Street light repair request form

San Carlos, California
Online Citizens complaint form

King County, Washington
Citizen input to proposed County FY2000 budget

Indianapolis, Indiana
Citizen feedback on proposed budget
Mayor's Action Center

New York, New York
On-line complaint forms and business and service request forms
View property information
Restaurant inspection information

Springfield, Missouri
Service request form and citizen's service assistance packet

Kansas City, Missouri
Action Center - citizen inquiries and complaints

San Diego, California
Request form for fixing potholes, sidewalks, street signs

Phoenix, Arizona
Streetlight repair request form

Houston, Texas
Citizen request for services form

Fort Collins, Colorado
Eyes and Ears: citizen report form
Online crime reporting form

Links: Webcasting and Video

San Diego, California
Webcasts of City Council meetings.

Madison, Wisconsin
Live MC12 streaming

San Carlos, California
Mayor's Annual State of the City Speech and other clips

San Jose', California
Live City Council audio and video.

Seattle, Washington
Videos on disaster preparedness, city council updates, and presentations by the Mayor

Oakland, California
Video streaming including live broadcasts of City Council meetings

San Francisco, California
City Watch Online


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