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February 28, 2001
CSUF Financial
Where $317,794,997 came from!

   FRESNO CAMPUS - -  The following financial information is preliminary, unaudited data released by CSUF President John Welty in his Annual Report and includes all components of the university's budget, including that of the university's auxiliary organizations.
     As Fresno State strives to provide affordable, high quality education, it draws from a variety of resources.
    In addition to the state fund-ing provided each year through the California State University system, the university generates funds through private fund raising, sponsored programs and collaborative initiatives.
     A comparison of revenues and expenditures shown below will show differing totals. Revenues have been recorded when earn-ed, and expenditures have been recognized when incurred or when goods have been received.
     Outstanding purchase orders for goods/services not yet received are not included as expenditures. This presentation is not intended to show profit or loss as a statement for a commercial enterprise would. California State University, Fresno, grants more than 1,000 internal scholarships and administers more than 1,000 others from outside sources annually, including more than 300 donor-sponsored scholarships.
    These awards provide recognition and financial assistance to students who have achieved academic distinction. Scholarships are usually awarded on an annual basis and range in value from $200 to $4,000. Beginning with the 1999-2000 academic year, the university introduced a new four-year renewable scholarship.
     All students accepted into the Smittcamp Family Honors College are designated as President's Scholars and are guaranteed a scholarship award of $1,000 for each of their eight semesters of enrollment, plus the full cost of housing on campus.
     It is through the generosity of countless donors that the university is able to provide these awards to talented and deserving students.
     For additional information, contact the University Scholarship Office, (559) 278-6572.


State Appropriation $131,371,098
Fee and Tuition 44,432,431
Grants and Contracts Federal Grants and Contracts 16,634,330
State Grants and Contracts 4,318,821
Private Grants and Contracts 1,230,316
State Auxiliary Revenues 2,344,983
Transfer and Other Revenues Investment Income 761,564
Other Trust Revenue 212,991
Allocations from Chancellor 12,403,694
Non-State Auxiliary Organizations The Association1 21,832,652
University Foundation 57,432,905
Ag Foundation 3,981,501
Athletic Corporation 18,986,291
Associated Students 421,366
Programs for Children 1,430,054
TOTAL REVENUE $317,794,997
     (1) Includes the Bookstore, University Food Services, University Student Union and Housing


Instruction and Public Service Instruction $67,874,738
Public Service 1,518,494
Academic Support 36,818,290
Student Services 13,283,088
Institutional Support 17,561,296
Student grants and Scholarships 31,866,777
Physical Facilities Operations & Maintenance of Plant 14,678,791 Other Expenditures 17,205,144

                                Auxiliary Corporations

The Association 21,626,147
University Foundation 38,179,317
Ag Foundation 3,164,769 Athletic Corporation 17,498,393 Associated Students 328,086 Programs for Children 1,377,763 TOTAL EXPENDITURES $282,981,093

                                    Other Sources

PRIVATE GIFTS TO THE UNIVERSITY* 1999-2000 $38,332,600 1998-99 24,923,770 1997-98 20,670,447 1996-97 12,269,446 1995-96 13,331,286

ENDOWMENT FUND ASSET BALLANCE June 2000 $56,598,351 June 1999 55,314,303 June 1998 48,772,850 June 1997 40,090,294 June 1996 33,824,342

GRANTS RECEIVED 1999-2000 $26,267,691 1998-99 17,109,835 1997-98 13,150,730 1996-97 12,009,257 1995-96 13,199,810

    Indicators for private gifts to the university, the growth of endowment funds, and the receipt of grant awards by Fresno State personnel all have dramatically increased in the last year, thanks to generous donors and the hard work of university specialists in the area of private funding.

SCHOLARSHIP AWARDED 1999-2000 $1,099,409 1998-99 819,602 1997-98 739,628 1996-97 737,224 1995-96 748,367 Institutional: 1,052 scholarships for $1,099,409
Outside : 1,165 scholarships totaling $1,618,481


1958-2003 Bulldog Newspaper Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

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