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August 11, 2001

A Cure For Plagiarism
With The Aid of CyberTechnology
Higher Education Closes
In On The Term-Paper Chase!

By Amy Williams, Edward Davidian, Staff Writers

    FRESNO STATE -- One of the world's leading resources for educators and students who are looking into the rising incidence of the term-paper cheats is a company called "", a service that has made it easy to find out if any homework assignment, essay, or research paper has been copied or paraphrased from the Internet, and ensures that students are getting the most out of their education.
    In 1995, a group of researchers at UC Berkeley, convinced of the Internet's enormous potential as an educational resource, created a special website where their students could post papers, critique each other's work, and share ideas.
     In the six years since then, their homespun project has grown into the world's leading online resource for the protection of academic integrity. Digital plagiarism has become one of the largest problems threatening modern education.'s goal is to help stop its continued spread and to promote productive educational use of the Internet by offering both teachers and students innovative online products. It is our hope that the technologies developed at will continue to set standards for innovation, integrity, and effici also offer several other unique features, including an online Peer Review service, Digital Archiving, and an upcoming Online Grading System.
     Included on the Web Site is one of their typical Originality Reports, which makes determining the originality of any paper a breeze. You can also visit the services section of the site to learn more about other innovative features.
     It is currently helping high school teachers and university professors bring academic integrity back into their classrooms. This system is already in place at a large number of universities all over the world.
     The BulldogNews staff recommends it to any student or scholar r who values academic honesty who wants to take a stand against cheating.


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