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June 8, 1963
What's the Greatest
Business in the World?

by Dallas Tueller PhD, Contributor

    FRESNO STATE -- War is the greatest wrecking business in the world. There is no need to elaborate on the bloodiness of modern wars. The War Department estimates indicate that 45% of the 65 million men mobilized by the U.S and its allies in World War I were killed or wounded.
    Estimates of the direct and indirect costs of the War range to $600 Trillion-or an average cost of between $125 and $300 for every man, woman, and child in the world. Only twenty years after that carnival of destruction, the world again embarked upon a still greater cataclysm.
    The basic principles of wa rin modern times like these are: (1) all politics are subservient to military interests, (2) the war is an ened in iteself (3) the war is only a means to other ends (4) the war and military power are to be used to maintain in power a reactionary social and political system.
     Emotions may be so stimulated and developed that love of country and loyalty to the ntion are made to override loyalties to the family, school, church, and othert social institutions.
    On the whole, the popular masses have little to do with the propagation of nationalism except as carriers and transmitters of ideas that originate elsewhere. Reason and will should be organized against those who profit from stimulating national emotion.

        [Editor's Note: Dallas Tueller PhD (Stanford) is a PoliSci professor at Fresno State. He joined the faculty in 1946. He was a high school Civics teacher in Palo Alto before coming to Fresno State College.]


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